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A fun question relative to my novel/series "Shadows of God". Which Element do you wish to be blessed by? 

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I decided to do recordings for six of my poems at random.
That feeling when you are inspired to write off of a few words someone once said to you... priceless.
I'm going to be working at 99 Ranch Market... Yeeeeeeeeh.
Cleaning my room tmrw and working on SoG novel... yeah probably only going to do the latter.

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Han One Sail
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One Sail stands for my Chinese name given to me by my parents. Yi Fan. I am not very legible in reading or writing the mandarin dialect. I am American Taiwanese, I write poetry and stories. At times I do photography, however nothing that professional. I plan on finishing my first novel of my series called Shadows of God within my spare time.

I'll just keep dreaming until it ends and wake up seeing it become a reality...

I believe through poetry. People can connect and are able to break barriers of all sorts.

I feel that poetry helps most people throughout history to live through the times. Rough or not poetry is the root of many other art forms.

Whether the person is a poet or not.
They can always benefit somehow by writing poetry for their own sake as well.

As an artist I try to work towards a better tomorrow.
A better future for the mankind of the present time.
The total existence of the world.
So that what I do as an artist will help inspire people to do what they think they must do to help the world, or to just enjoy a brighter perspective in life.


My contact email is
And here is my Patreon

I Should Be...

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 11, 2016, 7:12 AM

SLEEPING, yes that's one thing I need to get around to better. I've improved on getting enough sleep, I think, now it's a matter of having a fixed sleeping schedule. (Honestly I want to go back to being a night owl.)
As rambunctious as I am, it's been quite some time since my last entry, my apologies.

I was supposed to have at least 2 more Taiwan Entries, according to my expectations, but now I'm going to cram as much as I can into this single post. Ever-since coming back to the States, I've been so occupied with catching up with people, my other personal hobbies aside from writing, and trying my best on how to execute a good game plan on getting anything done for the year.

Before I get carried away, THANKS SO MUCH TO A FELLOW PATREON MEMBER: mothnode - Support Him!
And someone who used to be just a viewer to me, and now a very welcomed friend from the wide net, William! Twitch Channel!
They both pledged $1 to my Patreon Page.

================ Taiwan Entry #5================  (Skip this section for my return to the U.S.A)

The December in Taiwan is wonderful, my second-aunt's family are people that have given me a wonderful perspective into life.
I no longer feel the eerie pain of a drowned soul locked to a chain and ball, I am myself.
A few days prior to New Years, I even regressed into some alcohol abuse. :o
I puked my guts out, and somehow made it back to the place to call home.

"Never drinking again"

Again it's just one of those things the soul craves, yet the body begs not to contain.
The night market in the area was different, I kind of splurged a bit more than I usually do.
Time and time again the month ends on a good note, I also can't help but enjoy the new long sleeve, and black slacks I got at the night market streets.

January is hope that I will meet her again, this month is also a break away from my dully nature.
I met with a grandfather who's daughter is the famous actress in Police Story 4, Annie Wu.
Two days were invested into getting to know Grandpa Wu, he used to tell stories to my mom and uncle when they were booger pickers.
He knew of my grand father as well... I'm sorry to him that I am not able to meet his ideas with equal understanding, but I tried my best to just let him have someone to talk with.

I met with grandpa Liu, a very spectacularly famous manga artist of Taiwan.
Being his guest for the day, I even got a ink brush that I plan to utilize into writing English Calligraphy of a style unique to me.
At his park in Hsin Zhu, I got bit by black tiger mosquitoes about 9-12 times. (HOW FUN)
Before conversations with his colleagues and friends, we had very important one in the car ride from Beitou to our venues.
"You're grandfather was a great man, he paid me a lot of money back when I was just starting my craft."
Basically, even if the work wasn't perfect, my grandfather didn't mind... he wanted to help this man get somewhere by using his own publication company.
In the long run Mr Liu became a wealthy, successfully, and nationally recognized man of culture and talent.

He paints the working class of Chinese society, he draws manga characters of completely different styles, and most of all he is quite a gentleman in the coolest of ways.
The mosquito bite puffed like bread when I got home.
In fact, it became my source of worries for the remainder of my trip.
However at first, I went up the Hehuansan Mountain, my father and about four or five his mountaineering buddies came across this place once.
They were here when there were no illegally established fancy restaurants, no large amounts of hotels to stay at,
and most of all only a time bus that would bring you anywhere remotely close to the mountain. (My dad needs to write his life's story already!)
As two days came through, I spent them with the profoundness of uncle Zhang Ge, and his wife... I ashamedly keep forgetting how to say her name.
The quite energetic elderly couple took me to Sun Moon Lake, we even went to the Xitou Nature Education Area, the Monster Village there was also a refreshing spot.

For a second visit to the south central areas of Taiwan, I actually think I enjoy the atmosphere more.

Now the weekend was closing in, and I moved to the next house to visit and stay a night at. Their dog drank tea, but it wouldn't drink the third brew no matter what.
I found this auntie and her family to be one of the most interesting and respectful ones I ever met.
We went to Lu Kang, and there were houses there that have lasted longer than I've been born. Some probably at eighty years, I also walked a lot that day,
the family I'm with are in such good health. It's great though, and my nose was runny the entire day with white mucous.
Next week was my plane trip back to California, and here I'm thinking while chowing down to five-star delicacies of sashimi and sushi... do I have dengue fever,
because I really don't want to end up having this delicious food leave my body not properly digested. (I didn't throw up at all in the end *-*)
That night I get back to Uncle Zhang Ge's, and let them know not to worry, but that I need to see a doctor as soon as possible.
The next morning, I'm feeling a bit better, and we were able to see a doctor who was really fun to talk to.
The front nurse even joked and said that it will be 500 dollars for an American patient, and my auntie actually thought "500 dollars American?"
We all had a good laugh, and I took care of my diagnosis for the days to follow, 70 % allergies possibly to pollen, and 30 % of a cold making me wretched.
The last few days never felt so much better, I was able to get my luggage down to the right amount of weight, maximum of 20 kg.

My last week in Taiwan, included the love for my motherland's beautiful scenery, bonds with the lovely people of all places, and lastly the appreciation that I somehow got to embark on such an adventure.

================         End           ================

Whelp, I got to say that February was another lively dance with the pleasures of being a human being.
On another note, I reached gold division in the game league of legends within 14 days from when season six began. Tons of Zyra JG, even had non stop win streaks until silver 1.
Nothing much to say, except for a dreaming goal of wanting to form a team to win the world championships before I turn 30. (Zero promises)

Now that march is well in the middle of the month, the 3rd and 4th was actually my grandmother's death passing. I had a lot of emotion come out at the cemetery in the area.
Enclosing my week has been blissful and progressively demanding patience with myself.

I did end up using the ink brush from Taiwan, and I have a slightly bigger one to use as well. My father found a good amount of books about the nature at hand as well.
Calligraphy is very relaxing, and at the same time something I feel very invigorated with.
Maybe my next post will involve how that goes, or perhaps more development on Shadows of God... for once. haha

Again to anyone that reads my horribly personal and long winded journal entries, please read my poems- I mean THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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  • Eating: My cheeks
  • Drinking: Cup of Salted Water


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