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Art like Doritos es like Burritos. Tasty.

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Crowned with chaos by DamaiMikaz

I recently started watching the anime Toaru Majustsu no Index again, just reading level 0 and "Godmode" made me excited. Regardless of ...


We can stay single forever,
Yet it doesn't have to feel lonely.
Love whoever you want and however many,
By the end of the night close your eyes to no one.
Grasp for control of delusions and romance.
The only other person you'll see,
A reflection or an emission.

Awkward and bored.
That's how I phrase it,
Awkward and lonely.

So it does hurt once in a few years.
Otherwise you just feel numb,
Not ice cold just crippled.
Holes in the heart.
Tears fill em in.
Nothing else.

It can be painless or dreadful.
Some kill themselves over it,
Others deny it and live wholesome.

Survival of the ruthless passion,
Is a game we all play.
At least sometime in our youth,
And even when the skin wrinkles.

They want your favor.
She needs you to survive,
He wants you for your skin,
They adore you for comfort.

However does it ever mean anything?
Does it matter at all to yourself?
The love for others or from others.
Maybe in the end we just want to love ourselves.

Awkward and bored.
That's how I phrase it,
Awkward and lonely.

So again love who you want,
Be swayed, enjoyed, shattered.
Either of those outcomes will conclude,
Keep going and continue for love is endless.
It can cross from being fortunate, pleasurable, cruel,
But most of all it is only human and normal to go on further.
Just as much as we breath so does the heart need its own air.
Don't Suffocate a Lonely Heart
Whether your single, in a relationship or something else; here's something for safeguarding love of yourself.
Periodically does the paint fall,
The color is of my skin and no more.
Reluctantly does it make ill,
Hearing it unfold and peel until I am sore.

Look to the light and it will dry.
Hopefully the wind will pick up,
Leaving no blemishes like a mackerel sky.
At dark the pain is a blind rub.

Ley lines resonate this dulling mind,
There is nothing left to seal over my soul.
Protruding thoughts of excitement so kind,
Sweat out in a timely manner forming into liquid coal.

Jumping forth like the flick of a tongue,
My body and the burning fuel start to combust.
Pressure igniting in random sequences and soon unsung,
Doubling the atmospheric desire to burst.

Lasting dye on the coarse fox fur radiating an energy flow.
In these slight seconds before the calm,
They cheat me the name of the Burning Crow.
An unknown hero, and nevermore a mark locked in fate's palm.

A flying flame I stretch outward,
So that I can still smell the colors of the day.
Even if my title is gone I will seek downward,
Tar drips hot to the wicked and poison sleeks into their way.
Fairer than I could say,
Life in chains amounts to freedom.
Then when released a hidden secret unveils.
Not at all in every case does such beauty commence.
Beauty of Chains
Not too powerful, but pretty accurate on what I wanted to express.
The forest whispers of Tabitha and Johnu.
These were our names,
This is our romance.
There remains ghosts of our fates.

Foxes wander about,
Wondering how beautiful you were,
When you took me apart flesh and whole.
I'm your prey, a haunting pleasure.

Thread sewn across hearts together.
Both beating lively and sprouting wings.
Neither flows out blood
Just love that flies with grace
Filling the magenta skies.

What kind of colors have painted your hairs?
Questions slowly fading.
I am nothing, but fearful.
That you and I will never meet eyes.

Sitting around like the snow.
On the pavements that I remember,
They crumble apart with each bite.

And I wish that you never left
Cause now that your gone I know.
The recluse inside my heart is no more.

Both our fangs no longer sharp.
The longer I look at you,
The more my sight begins to fail.
You know the same from my venom.

Those days are over and we have recovered.
I'm afraid of writing back as it seems.
Finer moments will never tell me when
I might see you again without lust and tears.
As we all wake up in the middle of this dream.

The silk I gave to you is still fresh.
Your fur I've felt is warming my body.
We are neither the same,
Even if our names were said together.

Our tale as the lonely tree stalker
And the last leaf crawler.
However in this world we thrive in,
I will gladly let you have my life again.
Fear Ate Recluse
There once were two creatures of the forest who still persist in Abyssia living as Entrophs.

Tabitha was a lone Tree Stalker rarely met, Johnu was the last of the Leaf Crawlers.
The two had first seemed to end at a meal for one, instead the Leaf Crawler remained alive and they fell in love.
Humanoid monsters they were, but so too did they share humanistic emotions and soon had a legend seeded in the woods they lived in.
Down the rabbit hole: Rabbit hole if you don't you are missing out!

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HanOneSail's Profile Picture
Han One Sail
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
onesail photo onesail-1.jpg

One Sail stands for my Chinese name given to me by my parents. Yi Fan. I am not very legible in reading or writing the mandarin dialect. I am American Taiwanese, I write poetry and stories. At times I do photography, however nothing that professional. I plan on finishing my first novel of my series called Shadows of God within my spare time.

I'll just keep dreaming until it ends and wake up seeing it become a reality...

I believe through poetry. People can connect and are able to break barriers of all sorts.

I feel that poetry helps most people throughout history to live through the times. Rough or not poetry is the root of many other art forms.

Whether the person is a poet or not.
They can always benefit somehow by writing poetry for their own sake as well.

As an artist I try to work towards a better tomorrow.
A better future for the mankind of the present time.
The total existence of the world.
So that what I do as a artist will help inspire people to do what they think they must do to help the world or to just enjoy it.


My contact email is

College Begins With Courses...

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 8:08 PM

I started going back to school back in spring of 2014. Classes started for my second semester this week, and I got to say I have been excited and it was well worth the wait.
The classes I enrolled into are Introduction to the Novel, Approaches to Literature and Japanese 101.

The two literature classes are definitely ones that will mature myself as a writer towards the path I want to. Also the teacher I got is the same and one is on campus while the latter is online.
As for my Japanese course I want to explore the culture and discover more about the relations with Chinese language since they do use the same Kanji in old times regardless of their meanings.
Also it would be nice to watch anime without the need of translations and subtitles.

Coming towards the end of this month I think my writing has really improved from taking Theatre Arts Appreciation and Cinema as Literature. Even the Administrative Justice class that I took together with those two in spring provided enough logic and reasoning that I lacked.

My grammar has fixed up to be at least even to what it was before I went on my senior year back in high school which tanked badly, which is good.
A lot of my creativity I lost during working part-time has crawled back in since I started school this year.
All these improvements are keeping me even more stable and confident that I can continue following my passions and dreams of becoming a better writer and an artist than I could ever expect to be.

I'll be having to read a good amount of novels I've never read, before the year ends:

- Paredes. George Washington Gomez
- Dreiser. Sister Carrie
- Jackson. The Haunting of Hill House
- Morrison. Paradise
- Duff. Once Were Warriors

I'm particularly interested in the last two and I have to do a cultural comparison of the first four listed to the last one, Once Were Warriors which is a New Zealand book.

That is really all that has happened so far that I wanted to mention and this semester is ideally the most important one to my novel writing skills.

Lastly I did a quick count up on how many poems I’ve written over the years, especially cause of the courses I got this semester.

35 love poems, 23 motivational, 15 miscellaneous, 30 unlisted, 6 dark tones, 9 related to my series shadows of god, 20 never submitted online that are ideally to be used for my first book. Lastly about 10 scrap poems across text pads and on my phone notepad that could just use fixing up and time.

Total: 148 poems

Then I got 22 four liners, one stanza poems; making the grand total 170 poems.

Time to write more, and hopefully get a book published soon before 2015 summer.

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: The night
  • Reading: My poems
  • Watching: the Clock
  • Playing: Home work assignments.
  • Eating: Homemade curry chicken
  • Drinking: Water

A fun question relative to my novel/series "Shadows of God". Which Element do you wish to be blessed by? 

3 deviants said Thunder Element Blessing
2 deviants said Wind Element Blessing
1 deviant said Fire Element Blessing
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1 deviant said Water Element Blessing
No deviants said Earth Element Blessing
No deviants said None because I don't understand. >: |


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